Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is a comprehensive communications initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help improve awareness about modern agricultural innovations including crop biotechnology in Bangladesh.


Youth constitute one-third of Bangladesh’s 160 million people. Bangladesh is advancing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The 2030 Agenda identifies youth as one of the vulnerable groups which at the same time have the potential to arise as the driving force of any development approach. There is no alternative to making sure that youth, the most creative and enterprising among the people, participate at local, national and international levels in the achievement. Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) believes that the voices and actions of youth need to be reflected in public understanding of science and innovation. FFB aims to support university-based academia and youth representatives for awareness building on sustainable food security and developing their leadership role in order for youth to be engaged in socio economic development by ensuring evidence-based information and promoting equal access to scientific innovation

Youth for science

Farming Future Bangladesh launched its “Youth for Science” campaign on July 27, 2019 at a hotel in Dhaka. The campaign, entitled “Youth for Science: Evidence, Urgency and Action,” is devoted to engaging and empowering youth in initiatives aimed at sharing evidence-based information and improving understanding of modern science and innovation, including the use of agribiotechnology to enhance food security, improve environmental sustainability and raise the quality of life. The official launch event was attended by youth and academics from 11 leading public and private universities of Bangladesh, as well as prominent scientists and officials from the public sector, agricultural industry and donor agencies.

Youth engagement

FFB is focused on networking, coalition building, social mobilization and capacity building of public and private university scientists, academics and students. FFB is working with the universities to develop university-based Alliance for Science group/Science Club/Youth Groups. FFB has also worked with the Bangladesh Association of Biotechnology Graduates (BABG), a national level association consisting of more than 1500 graduate biotechnologists from all the reputed public and private universities of the country.

Young Professional Fellowship

Young scientists and professionals of National Agricultural Research System (NARS), extension department and other like-minded organizations will be in communication, outreach and capacity building programs. These young professionals will be engaged in FFB activities. A competitive young professional fellowship will be offered to professional in the agriculture, food, nutrition and agribiotech sectors. 20 young professionals will receive fellowship for innovation and creative project plan and execution.