Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is a comprehensive communications initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help improve awareness about modern agricultural innovations including crop biotechnology in Bangladesh.

Media Training

Media Training

FFB has developed networking and partnership with existing journalist networks and organizations in Bangladesh for knowledge sharing and capacity building of national and regional level journalists on news reporting of genetic engineering, transgenic crop, and other applications of modern agribiotechnology.

Media can play an effective and vital influencer to reach and change public misconception. News media articles influence public perception and media professionals can rephrase any scientific information and create a diversion in public understanding. Realizing the importance and gap of science communication skill development, FFB initiated science communication knowledge sharing and capacity-building activities for leading agricultural journalists. More than 30 journalists participated in the two-days media training program titled ''Tea and Talk about Biotech'' jointly organized by the USAID and FFB. 

For further media engagement and sustainable communication, FFB has recently conducted regional media reporting workshops in Rajshahi and Khulna. Over 50 journalists of different media organizations joined and talked about the issues addressed. The day-long training program has guided those professionals to nurture and empower themselves for effective evidence-based reporting. 

Both national and regional level journalists have shown positive impactful evidence on science communication and crop biotechnology. Over hundreds of news articles have been published across the country explaining the evidence-based information about agribiotech, modern innovations, and research 

FFB is the only organization that has the strategic advantage and expertise to effectively engage media professionals not being a product developer or applicant for any regulatory approval, which gives the organization credibility among the media professionals. However, FFB will continue investing in media professional's skill development on modern innovations and agribiotech issues.